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The Spinner’s Way Is To Spin Away

Spinner Way - Fidget Spinners Singapore Collection

Welcome To Spinner Way

Introducing the Spinnerway TrickCaps, a proprietary series of caps suitable for use in Spinners today. With an initial release compatible for use with most R188 bearings, this product allows you to perform visually stunning spinner tricks that will thrill you and your friends alike.

Here’s a demonstration video of our Spinnertops, a cap that allows you to play with the spinners like a spinning top utilizing…

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Identifying Spinner Quality, Types and Bearings

For use in fidget spinners, bearings SHOULD NOT be lubricated. This is because lubrication is for reducing noise and prevent “rough” friction in heavy-use applications that may damage the bearings, and not necessarily to increase spin times or spin capabilities of bearings.

Simply put, to maintain spinners you have to…

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Spinner Way - Fidget Spinner Singapore Bearing Type
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