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We’re out on a quest to change the way spinners are viewed and played with today. From its humble beginnings as a fidget toy, we want to elevate this unique culture and hobby to a whole new level.

Spinners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, qualities and purposes. But we know that what they are right now can be fairly unappealing to people who aren’t into the “fidgeting” side of the culture, or people who find it reckless to overspend on these products.

With this in mind, we have two primary mission statements:

  1. To bring down the cost of spinners today in tune with their cost of production and allow as many people as possible to join into this amazing community and hobby
  2. To promote a more flexible and exciting environment for people of all ages to enjoy the hobby

What Customers Say

  • Both my young son and I have ADHD, among other benefits… One of the things we both do a lot is chew on our fingernails, especially when we watch TV or if we have to wait at an appointment or something. Where I’m finding these fidgets quite helpful is we can spin them while we’re watching TV, waiting to be seated at a restaurant, for the doctor to see us, etc. My son has even been bringing his with him in the when we go out. I’m not sure how it will work out when we go to the movies. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Nothing is going to work 100% for us all of the time, or anyone else for that matter. However, these are a good distraction that we can use along with other techniques we have learned. It definitely helps save on the discomfort from fingernails that have been bitten so short they bleed.

    My wife doesn’t mind us both spinning these little fidgets when we’re home watching TV either, she says she can just tune it out.

    Again, these are pretty cool little items. We’ve only had then for a few days but they seem as durable as advertised. I recommend to anyone that reads this review and finds something in it that sounds familiar.

    Tan Yong Sheng (Verified Purchase)
  • All i can say i have bought a lot of fidget spinners and nothing compares to this one all other spinners feel cheap quality and the bearings are slow this thing can spin for a really long time and i have dropped a few times and it’s still holding up 👍🏼👍🏼

    Nabil (Verified Purchase)
  • Good spinner at great value!

    Dinie (Verified Purchase)
  • I really love this thing and it helps me out with my fidgeting and knee shaking I literally use this thing all day I got it Thursday and it’s Saturday and I’ve spent like a total of 50 hours using it I love it so much thank you for giving me the opportunity of getting this and I’ve used it so much my middle finger hurts so bad from spinning it so much and it spins nice and smooth and for a long time and it’s great thank you so much.

    Zhang Jie (Verified Purchase)
  • This spinner is very good. My mum bought it for me and I love it a lot.

    Jade (Verified Purchase)
  • I am pleasantly surprised at how nice this spinner is. It is easy to hold with the concave buttons. The smooth finish and rounded edges make it easy to fidget with for a long time and there are no hot spots anywhere. I have not cleaned the bearing and it spins for an easy 3.5 minutes (sometimes more!). Love it!

    Micheal Lim (Verified Purchase)
  • Bought 10 for all my friends. All of them worked well with average spin time of 3-4 minute.

    Ryan Tan (Verified Purchase)
  • At lot of people at school have fake spinners that are nothing compared to this. It is the best one I have ever felt!

    Tan Wei Dong (Verified Purchase)
  • First Spinner that will surely last! After seeing these on social media for awhile I decided to look into them. Not only is there a huge selection but also a growing community of builders and enthusiasts. The reviews of many lead me to Spinner Way and they stood out in their product design and service. I was lucky enough to grab one of their newest stock before they sold out, but it was still delivered promptly. Spinner Way went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied and that’s a big plus. The quality of the spinner is outstanding so far and is true to all of the product claims. 5 stars all the way.

    QUICK TIP : If you’ve never used a fidget spinner before, they actually take a bit of practice. Just be sure to play around with it and find whats comfortable and you’ll be spinning in no time.

    Colby Lee (Verified Purchase)

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